Introducing @MHchat: Mental Health Chat – #MHchat

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@MHchat is every Wednesday at 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PT on Twitter using the hashtag: #MHchat.

Brief description of @MHchat:

@MHchat is a weekly Mental Health chat on twitter dedicated to promoting and advancing the understanding of mental health and mental illness both among professionals and practitioners as well as allied professionals, policy makers and the general public


Our objectives are:

  1. To offer an online open access venue/space for sharing and exchange of opinions, experiences, life stories, research, cases discussions, papers, and other material and/or relevant issues.
  2. To enhance knowledge, understanding, and general awareness of mental health, its practice as well as challenges.
  3. To serve as an open access resource and point of reference for practitioners, clients/patients, and allied professionals.


The chats will adopt an interdisciplinary approach, although some chats (such as when discussing specific research papers) may be more focused on what is relevant to that specific paper and/or discipline, still participants can contribute views depending on their perspective and epistemological orientation.  Hence, when possible, our chats will aim to:

  1. Demystify mental health, the human psyche and neural system;
  2. Adopt an interdisciplinary and multi-modality approach, and examine relevant issues and phenomena from multiple perspectives;
  3. Bridge the gap between cognitive psychology and neuroscience vis-a-vis psychoanalysis and other psychotherapeutic approaches;
  4. Bridge the gap between sociological and systemic analysis versus psychological and person-centred analysis.

Type of activities:

Weekly twitter chat

Weekly Mental Health chats using the hashtag #MHchat for mental health professionals, people who have mental illness or who have had mental illness, practitioners, researchers, students, academics, enthusiasts, allied professionals, and those wanting to enhance their mental health and well being.

Discuss/disseminate research and latest development

This includes discussion of general research topics as well as specific research papers. Topics/papers will be critically reflected upon, reviewed, and examined by the participants in relation to its’ relevant details, research question, hypothesis, methodology, findings, implications, etc.

Case studies and focus group discussions

Selection of a given case/case study and discussion/critical reflection on its’ dynamics, development, alternative approaches, different modalities and their respective perspectives and implications, and so on.

Discussion of specific aspects of mental health, and mental illness

Including approaches for enhancing individual mental health as well as diagnosis, therapy/treatment, challenges, manifestations, complications, and/or implications of mental illness (e.g. depression, anxiety, dementia, etc.).

We look forward to seeing you in our weekly chats every Wednesday at 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PT @MHchat

Don’t forget to share your views on Twitter using the hashtag: #MHchat.

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