Exploring “Normality” & Stigma in a Diverse World – A special Chat @MHChat with Wellcome Trust & Mosaic Science

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Because of the stigma associated with mental health, people with symptoms of mental ill health are often reluctant to seek help, as they are afraid of being labelled as “mental patients,” which can then result in negative evaluation of their identity, social rejection, and discrimination from others.

Therefore, it is of great importance that as a society we gain a better understanding of mental health and illness by listening, and appreciating, the life stories and lived experience of people who have faced the challenges of mental ill health.

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to share experiences of mental health and wellbeing.  Therefore, in anticipation of World Mental Health Day @MHChat is hosting a special twitter chat to explore the idea of “Normality” in a Diverse World and to challenge some of the misconceptions and stigma associated with mental ill health.

Therefore, today’s chat @MHChat is a special Twitter chat with guests Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science (@mosaicscience), and we will explore questions such as:

  1. What is “Normality” in a world of diversity?
  2. Who defines “Normality” and how does it relate to issues of power, inclusion and exclusion?
  3. Is the appeal to “Normality” a reflection of our fear of diversity?
  4. Is there a relatinoship between the idea of “Normality” and prejudice and stigma in society?
  5. Does the idea of “Normality” recognise and respect the diversity of human experience in society?
  6. How can we celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and honour their experiences and narratives?

We look forward to your views, experiences and insights relating to these and other relevant questions about “Normality” and Stigma in a World of Diversity @MHChat.

The chat takes place on Twitter using the hashtag  #MHChat:

Day & Date:      Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Time:    8:00 PM British Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Time / 12:00 Pacific Time (Click here to see the chat in your local time)

Looking forward to your views and experiences @MHChat Today (Wednesday, 8 October 2014) with Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science (@mosaicscience) and using the hashtag: #MHChat

Also please check our special joint event for World Mental Health Day on Friday (10/10/2014).

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