Picture Mental Health & Ill Health: Celebrating the World Mental Health Day @MHChat

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MHChat-Mosaic-WellcomeTrustIn celebration of World Mental Health Day, @MHChat together with Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science (@mosaicscience) invite you to Picture Mental Health and Illness Health and to challenge Stigma.

Just snap a photo and share, or share a drawing or a phrase, a thought, an emotion, or anything else that could help describe Mental Health and Ill Health and/or Stigma with @MHChat using the hashtag #MHChat

We will collect and publish your Tweets and Facebook posts Picturing Mental Health & Ill Health and any posts that challenge stigma.

Join and help us raise awareness of the lived experience of Mental Health and Ill Health and to Challenge Stigma.

We look forward to your thoughts and Tweets and Facebook Posts throughout the day on Friday (10/10/2014).

 abNormal: the science of being different

Warning: viewers may no longer feel normal after watching this film.

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