Picture Mental Health and Resilience @MHChat: Friday 15 May 2015 Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) @MHChat

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MHChat-Mosaic-WellcomeTrustPicture Mental Health and Resilience @MHChat 

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week all day Friday 15 May 2015 @MHChat


Wednesday (13 May 2015) at 8:00 PM British Summer Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Click here to check your local time.

Join us on Friday 15 May 2015 to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week @MHChat together with Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science (@mosaicscience) and by tweeting @MHChat or by posting a message on Facebook page to describe Mental Health and Resilience and to challenge Stigma.

Just snap a photo and share it with us, or share a thought, a quote, an article or blog, a feeling, or an emotion, or anything else that could help describe Mental Health and Resilience and that counters Mental Health Stigma either by tweeting us @MHChat using the hashtag #MHChat or by posting it on Facebook page.

Join and help raise awareness of the lived experience of Mental Health and Ill Health and picture Resilience with @MHChat together with Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science  (@mosaicscience). 

We look forward to your views, thoughts, experiences and insights @MHChat throughout the week and especially in Wednesday’s chat and all day on Friday (15 May 2015).

Picture Mental Health and Resilience @MHChat 

Here is a relevant article on the “Secret of Strong-Minded” at Mosaic Science


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