Exploring Dreams, their meaning and significance

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What is dreaming and what are dreams made of? What is their significance and how do they influence our mental health and well being?  Join and Share your views  @MHChat.

Dreams and the study of dreams have been central to the birth and development of psychoanalysis and remain of great interest for many ranging from studies of consciousness and the mind to everyday interest in their in their meaning and interpretation. Therefore, in tomorrow’s #MHChat we will celebrate the 116th anniversary of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and in collaboration with   we will discuss dreams, their meaning and significance in tomorrow’s @MHChat and will explore questions such as:

  1. Why do we dream and does everyone dream?
  2. Do dreaming affect our health and the quality of sleeping?
  3. Why do we remember some dreams and have a hard time to remember others?
  4. Is there any way to better remember our dreams?
  5. Is there a relationship between dreams and everyday experiences?
  6. Are dreams related to the unconscious? and do they have any significance?
  7. Are there different types of dreams? and is it possible to interpret dreams?
  8. What is the importance of Freud’s interpretation of dreams? and what is its relevance today?
  9. What are some of the impact of and key points from Freud’s interpretation of dreams?
  10. How do dreams influence our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and daily experience? Do they condition what we think and do?
  11. Is it possible to analyze dreams and is it important?
  12. How has the understanding of dreams and their significance changed over time?
  13. Is there a relationship between dreams and human growth and development? and Do dreams and dreaming and their significance change with age?
  14. Are dreams and their meaning influenced by culture? and does the significance of dreams vary in different cultures and societies?
  15. Can dreams influence our mental health?
  16. Can analysis of dreams help mental health and the journey to recovery?
  17. What is the meaning of everyday dreams and what are some possible ways to positively use such dreams?
  18. Can we interpret our own dreams?
  19. How can we use dreams and their interpretation to enhance our mental health and well-being?

We will explore these and other similar questions in relation to dreams, their meaning and significance views  @MHChat in collaboration with    tomorrow at  #MHChat

Wednesday 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 noon PST

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