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@MHchat twitter chats take place every Wednesday at 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PST @MHchat with hashtag #MHChat

@MHChat adopts the social model and an integrative biopsychosocial approach to mental health, advocating for coproductive formulations rather than “diagnosis”.

All postings and information from @MHChat are research based and evidence-informed or informed by the lived experience of mental health and mental ill health and its challenges.

An important objective of the chats @MHChat is to bring professionals and experts by experience together in a supportive and containing space where everyone is welcomed and able to share their views and experiences.

The Twitter chats @MHChat  usually begin with a brief sequence of tweets from @MHChat which are aimed at raising some initial questions and to start off the converstaion. These questions are often inspired by research or based on lived experience of mental health challenges.

However, the chats are quite flexible and, although facilitated by @MHChat, the conversation and discussions develop organically and are led by participants. Therefore, often multiple threads of conversation may develop within the chat which often continue beyond the official chat time @MHChat.

To give greater voice to all participants and to encourage further discussion and reflection, @MHChat retweets as many tweets as possible. However, these retweets do not mean that @MHChat either agrees or endorses their content or idea.

Important Note:

@MHChat  is open to all participants and welcomes all expressions, views and experiences. This allows for free exchange of information, opinions, experiences and insights. However, given the diversity of participants it is likely that there will be differences of opinion and a wide range of experiences and perspectives. It is through respectful acceptance of such differences that the chats @MHChat become a rich resource of support and learning.

Therefore, if you disagree with someone’s views be kind in discussion and if you cannot come to a shared understanding, please be mindful of others’ feelings and respectful of their values and views and rights to free speech and expression.

Everyone has got their own struggle that you may not know about. So please Be Kind.

We look forward to your views, experiences and insights @MHChat and hope you enjoy the chats and the supportive community @MHChat.

Don’t hesitate to use the hashtag #MHChat to share your tweets with @MHChat community.

@MHchat twitter chats take place every Wednesday at 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PST @MHchat with hashtag #MHChat

Looking forward to your views on Twitter using the hashtag: #MHchat or on MHChat Facebook page.


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