Picture Mental Health & Ill Health: Celebrating the World Mental Health Day @MHChat

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, @MHChat together with Wellcome Trust (@wellcometrust) and Mosaic Science (@mosaicscience) invite you to Picture Mental Health and Illness Health and to challenge Stigma. Just snap a photo and share, or share…


Exploring “Normality” & Stigma in a Diverse World – A special Chat @MHChat with Wellcome Trust & Mosaic Science

Because of the stigma associated with mental health, people with symptoms of mental ill health are often reluctant to seek help, as they are afraid of being labelled as “mental…


Mental Health Awareness Week: Exploring the experiences of Mental Health and Illness

There is abundant evidence that stigma of mental ill health is a primary barrier to seeking and receiving adequate care and to achieving better life opportunities for individuals living with…


Twitter, Empathy, Relationship and Correlates

Social media and Twitter are increasingly used for personal and professional purposes. However, it is not clear whether and how social media may affect mentalisation, relationships, and empathy. Therefore, given…


Creativity and Mental Health

Below are the details of the next Twitter chat @MHChat.

Reading Oliver James on CBT

The Daily Mail has run an interview with Oliver James, a media psychologist who recently made an appearance at a conference organised to challenge the dominance of CBT. In the Mail…

Does Mental Illness Exist?

The question that makes up the title of this post is one of the most controversial in the field of mental health. It has been in the air again recently…

image of two volumes of DSM

Debating Diagnosis and DSM-5

The new ‘psychiatry bible’ DSM-5 has come under a lot of fire since it’s recent launch. One vociferous critic is Duke University’s Professor Allen Frances, himself a renowned psychiatrist who helped…

Antipsychotics and Violence: Controversy and Coverage

A new study in The Lancet reports on the fact that antipsychotics appear to be linked to reduction in violent crime. Researchers accessed a large Swedish database to study the…

The Clinician’s Illusion: A Powerful Source of Bias Three Decades On.

30 years ago, two statistically minded psychologists published a brief but elegant paper describing a phenomenon they called “the clinician’s illusion”. Patricia and Jacob Cohen were a highly distinguished academic…